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In an interview with Afua Krobea Asante, CEO of Azmera Restaurant, these are the powerful lessons and revelations she poured out to us;

Asked her understanding of success, she said;

I have come to believe that success is never what you gain through inheritance or other people’s labor. Success has little also to do with the number of certificates you have acquired in life. With my personal story and experience, I define success as the ability to excel, or achieve a desire in the mist of uncertainties with little or no provision.

Wanting to know who Afua Krobea Asante is? Here is what she had to say about herself;

I call myself a “Super woman” and I don’t apologize for it. Reasons being that I have watched myself grow from strength to strength, good to better and almost excellent, though there is room for improvement, which I love to challenge myself daily to be better than I currently am. As a basic school primary three drop-out, there wasn’t any sign of hope for me in society, talk less of being part of the high class. I grew up in a ‘hamlet’, one which required that I’d walk for miles before seeing a car, somewhere in Kwawu, Eastern Region of Ghana. I worked throughout my childhood as a maidservant, and had to survive in the hands of different people who took me through diverse forms of training. Very harsh ones I must say. But I guess they are the reason I look at myself proudly today. Because what was originally meant to destroy me, served as success tools for me.

Asked what was the secret to her success? Read this;

There are no more secrets to success in this world, maybe the one yet to be created by God. Every secret has been revealed. But I can attribute my success to two very important reasons. The first is God. It has been him from day one. Without Him really, forget about whatever you think you can do, it is not guaranteed. The second is Time. Time is what we all have in equal quantity, yet, the same time makes some successful and others poor. As a maidservant, I lived by time. From when I rose from bed to when I went back to bed, everything was timed. So I grew up respecting time. Wasting time simply means wasting your life away, and it can never be retrieved. I don’t play with my time. I make sure I am always punctual, ready to serve my customers when they arrive.

Asked about her achievements;

I am simply a winner. I don’t believe in competitions though sometimes they are healthy to keep a business on its toe. I believe in being myself and applying creativity into what I am doing. Azmera restaurant has been here for 16years, and consistently from 2009 to date; I have received the National Tourism best of the year awards, yeeeeeeeeeh!! I received the ninth award on March 23rd 2018. Other institutions have also given me honors for what I do. I can’t start counting all of them.  I am grateful to God.

Her words to young entrepreneurs;

You know, this is a journey that many aspire to embark on. Many start actually but few are able to cross the finish line. Entrepreneurship is not for the lazy, neither is it for the coward nor the weak. It requires strength, focus, determination, hard-work, hard-work and hard-work. I’ll say that every young entrepreneur must first be convinced beyond all doubt that they want to be entrepreneurs before they embark on the journey. And nothing should make them turn from their dream, once they’ve taken the first step.

Interview By: Phillippa Nana Owusuah Prempeh, Founer- She Community


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